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First time posting. I am very thankful and appreciate being able to join this group & research

Im little unsure if I'm posting in the right forum and I will never take offense when someone steers me correctly in the right direction. Im researching the price on a 1981 50 Pesos. Is this the correct place please?? Please let me know and I'll ask again if it's wrong. Question please?? I have a red lettered 50 Pesos 1981. It looks EXACTLY like PCGS. And it's detailed stamped with the red too?? But it also says there is only population of 1?? My grandparents traveled all over every month for over 20 years. Can someone please instruct me on how to verify the correct price please. I would appreciate anyone's help for im honestly in shock. And I have never won at Bingo twice in my life, lol. So I know that im not figuring this correctly . if anyone could please instruct me deeply appreciated . thank you very much

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  • 1981 EL BANCO DE MEXICO S.A. 50 SERIES KX Red stamped on back and shades red across the top of the back. L6146967. I have only researched coins for the past 8 years. First currency thank you

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