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2007 Lincoln Penny: Obverse Double or Multi-Strike Error?

Mwolfe4tzMwolfe4tz Posts: 5
edited January 21, 2022 10:27AM in U.S. Coin Forum

As a novice collector my finds are generally limited to circulated coins, or coins that were passed down. I found this coin last night when looking through some pocket change. It appears to be double or multi-struck on the obverse, with some discoloration/deterioration on the reverse (possible accelerated by the strike error). The motto in the lowe right quadrant appears inverted, and the "IB" stamped on the shoulder is part of what I would assume would be part of the word "LIBERTY", put it's position and orientation in relation to the erroneous motto seems to indicate a multi-strike.

Primarily I am hoping to gain more insight into the specific type of error. Of course a ball-park valuation would be nice, but I will likely hold on to it regardless of value.



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