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Looking for opinions on a few sports autographs before I send for authentication

Good evening,

I am new to sports memorabilia collecting and I recently acquired a lot with a few Michael Jordan and Tom Brady autographs. I would like to send them in the get authenticated, but seeing the prices right now, It would be awesome if I could get some opinions and possibly some piece of mind before I drop $1000. I have attached pictures of the signatures in question below.

I truly appreciate the time, as well as any and all information! Take care and stay safe!


  • AhmanfanAhmanfan Posts: 4,326 ✭✭✭✭

    I would post these on the facebook page Autographs 101 for a better opinion but I would be shocked if any are legit. These are the most forged athletes on the planet and these don't look particularly close.

  • 3 out 5 is real

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