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Need help - 1914 $5 FRNs

I hope there are members here who can help me....I've been away from the hobby for eight years. At one time, around 2010, I was trying to build a really nice collection of 1914 $5 Federal Reserve Notes. I acquired examples from all 12 districts in grades around 25-35....and had begun upgrading some of them to notes in the 58-65 grade range.

Then, life happened. I had a couple of unexpected surgeries, left a job I'd been at for 17 years, and made plans to relocate to another part of the country. I remember hurriedly selling off most of the collection, and the notes that didn't sell were carefully packed in a lockbox for the move. In the midst of all the changes, I settled into my new home and promptly forgot about them. That was in 2014.

Today, while doing some New Years housekeeping, I came across the lockbox, opened it, and found the notes exactly as I'd stashed them. My problem is....I remember nothing about their value (which has probably changed in the intervening years, anyway). I plan to sell them, but have very little idea what I should ask for them. I have my purchase receipts for two of the higher-graded examples, but nothing at all for the lesser-graded notes. Here's what I know....any advice on their 2022 value would be appreciated.

Note #1 - Fr. 887a - 1914 $5 FRN (Dallas, White/Mellon). Graded PCGS Very Choice New 64.
Best note in the bunch.

Note #2 - Fr. 887a - 1914 $5 FRN (Dallas, White/Mellon). Graded PCGS Choice About New 58. Not sure why I had two high-grade Dallas notes. This one was bought from Heritage Auctions in 2011. The holder says it is from the Rickey Collection.

Note #3 - Fr. 867a - 1914 $5 FRN (Atlanta, White/Mellon). Graded PCGS Very Fine 35PPQ. This note has more red and blue fibers showing than any other note I have. Looks really nice.

Note #4 - Fr. 883a - 1914 $5 FRN (Kansas City, White/Mellon). Graded PCGS Very Fine 30PPQ. The holder on this one also says it is from the Rickey Collection.

Note #5 - Fr. 887a - 1914 $5 FRN (Dallas, White/Mellon). Graded Very Fine 25PPQ.

Note #6 - Fr. 891a - 1914 $5 FRN (San Francisco, White/Mellon). This is my biggest unanswered question. It is a raw, ungraded note. I purchased it with the intent to submit it to PCGS, and believed it had a chance to come back in the 58 range. It is crisp and has the look of an uncirculated note, even has a curly blue fiber sticking out of the top edge of the bill. Unfortunately, it also has a tiny nick elsewhere on that same top edge (I'd describe it as half a pinhole) that I believed would keep the note from getting a better grade. I'll never know, because I didn't get around to submitting it.

Thanks to those who have taken the time to read all this, and thanks in advance if you can help me figure out their worth!


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