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Anyone have any numismatic New Year Resolutions?

Happy New Year everyone! I'm very excited to get into the new year and make some real progress in the sets that I'm building.

Do any of you have any numismatic-related new year resolutions?

I've decided upon two. I'm building a toned Lincoln Cent set registry, so my goal is to be ranked #30 or lower for my circulation strike set and #40 or lower for my mirror proof set by the end of 2022. (Links to both sets in my signature)


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    BaronVonBaughBaronVonBaugh Posts: 1,837 ✭✭✭✭

    That’s a lot of coins to do in a year.

    I haven’t been around in awhile and had to catchup on my basic sets (Jefferson nickels and Sacajawea dollars). I hadn’t gotten anything since 2018. I tend to just work on some other hobby for awhile. I was buying a few things for my 1:20.3 railroad. I’m back to coins for now.

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