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Scottie pippan 88_89 card raw mint 10

Got this second year Scottie pippan card its a raw card not been sent off but I will personally grade it at a 10 there is nothing wrong with this card no were on it the corners are perfect the color is perfect lot of time on these older cards they will fade in the back for sure but I have took the best care that you can take with cards I have been a collector for different types of cards been doing this for years just thought I would try to sell this card maybe to a young person or anybody needing a perfect card like I said it's his second I know that I would love to had this card when it first come out these cards that I will be putting up mean A lot to me I have had them for awhile hope I can sell it to someone that loves this stuff as much as I did hope to never see this card in bad shape this card has never been put in a flip I believe that you will hurt the corners some how or another.that is why my cards are in ecllent shape you might want to send it in but I no for a fact that you will not find a better card there will be another card come up today that is in the perfect shape they been together these cards have been side by side for a long time I don't even look at them no more first time I have looked at them in years the other card will be a Michael Jordan 88"89 card and it is on point perfect card you will not find two of the raw cards in mint 10 you just ask for pictures and I will take them how ever you want.


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    When was he US Mint director?

    "There are no called strikes in coin collecting."--Henry David Thoreau RYK
  • Sorry...I am new to this site and trying to navigate on my cell phone...I know I put this on the wrong thing !

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    Just ask a Moderator to move it to the "Buy, sell, trade cards and memorabilia" forum

  • I'm no Director but I don't want to put my card down I have had these cards for a long time. There is not one thing wrong with the card its in the same shape it was when it come out of the pack. I've took very good care of my cards specially these cards. But thanks for the comment any way I didn't expect everyone to believe me that these cards are on point.

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