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Johnny Bench Cards Soon for Sale

I have the attached cards/photos for sale in Feb on Hunt Auctions.


  • QUITCRABQUITCRAB Posts: 1,016 ✭✭✭

    What Brooks Rawling advisory staff photo ?
    Thanks Scott

  • Scott, There are supoosedly 3 of the Brooks Robinson photos . I forget which one I sent in, but will post photos once Hunt Auctions posts the auction lots. Probably the best photo of the ones I sent in. I suspect the lot photos will be posted around the mid to end of Jan 2022. Thanks for asking.

    ****1950-70 Rawlings Advisory Staff Photos****
    Brooks Robinson Dugout Step
    Brooks Robinson Tying Shoe
    Brooks Robinson Throwing

  • QUITCRABQUITCRAB Posts: 1,016 ✭✭✭

    There is also a “ standing” photo.

  • Thanks. I am not well versed on all the variations of the photos, only the Johnny Bench (Crouching) photo. Are you a Brooks Robinson collector? One of the first cards I purchased in 1985 was a 1967 Brooks Robinson. I purchased the photos in the group on Heritage Auction earlier this year. There was a 1968 signed Johnny Bench Team Photo and I did not have one so I bought the group for the one photo. Hopefully Hunt Auction will get me on the sale plan for Feb. Was suppose to be Jan but like many other things they have ben backed up. Do you by chance have Bench cards? I am looking for some specific ones to complete my collection. Happy New Year! Jim Wood

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