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2021 Banty Red Christmas auctions

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Hello everyone, I haven't posted over here in a while, and I thought it would be cool to show you some awesome cards that I really enjoy in this hobby, they're called Banty Red. The maker of these cards puts a lot of work into each card and he has developed quite a following, they're beautiful cards and each year Banty Red holds their annual Christmas auctions on eBay and the auctions are going on right now. I am not the maker of these cards, I just enjoy doing this because I love the cards this man makes and I want him to keep making them and I want other collectors to see them and be able to enjoy them as well. Here is a little bit about Banty Red cards:

For more information on the creation of these cards visit BantyRed.com

Hello! Welcome to Banty Red's Tobacco & Ale, Co.

For some time now, I have been producing custom baseball cards that transport the collector back in time with fresh colors, textures, styles and the magic of collecting.
The cards, themselves are mounted to substrates as old as 100 years!!! This means that the cardboard stock is actually vintage!!
These cards are THICK!, hand painted, hand distressed and built layer by painstaking layer! Each card takes between 1-4 hours to produce--it is a labor of love. They are first created with professional software then "pressed" with digital adaptations of individual plates reminiscent of vintage printers. The process in quite involved and requires trial and error and patience...but the end result is typically worth the wait! By using a truly vintage process, materials and operating with individual color plates, there will be shifts in focus and detail. No detail was spared in making these. In addition, we are ALWAYS busy looking to improve the authenticity factors in every offering.
Our main goal is to produce a desirable card while honoring the shortcomings of the processes in each era. Striking a balance is the key. For example, the Leaf sets in the late '40s
are difficult and exciting but, sadly, the production is just awful. We will try to produce cards that honor the difficulty while still maintaining a presentable and attractive collectible.
These cards will excite your senses and get your imagination going for sure! If you would like to learn more, look us up on line at BantyRed.com

Most of the images you will see are in our own archives.
Prior to offering these cards, I have been an avid collector of vintage negatives for 30+ years.
In addition, thousands of images have been donated from various archives and some are flat-out paid for and licensed individually-not cheap.
The goal is to provide new looks at players and even do a new take on an old image!



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