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Talers for auction at Heritage, closing December 29th-30th- City View, Wildman, Bell Taler!

Bob13Bob13 Posts: 1,412 ✭✭✭✭✭

Hi All,

I have the following coins coming up for auction at HA. I hope you will consider bidding! Links are provided. Feel free to PM me with questions.

  1. 1641 Augsburg Taler, PCGS MS62. A very nice City View Taler, lots of original luster left. Slab shots on HA may be a little closer to in-hand color.

  2. Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel. Rudolf August 1/4 Taler 1667-HS XF45 PCGS. Nice, coin gray original coin - hint of color on the reverse.

  3. Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel. August the Younger 1/2 Taler AU55 PCGS. One of the "Bell Taler" designs

  4. Karl VI 1/4 Taler 1734 AU58 NGC. The HA pictures don't do this coin justice. The white background of the holder doesn't let their photos capture the crusty color here. I know a lot of these have sold recently, even MS grades - not as nice and definitely not as original at this one here.

  5. Ferdinand III Taler 1656-KB AU53 PCGS. Just a beautiful coin with original surfaces and nice color.

My current "Box of 20"


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