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FS: Vintage Skateboard Cards & Album Stickers (Including First Tony Hawk Card!)

Hi everyone,
As I've been building my awesome Skateboard Card and Album Sticker Collection I've picked up some extras along the way. Many of these are tough foreign issues that are hard to find in any condition! All prices in US Funds include shipping, tracking and insurance from Canada. Here are a few beauties I have for sale:

1989 Cromy Argentina Skateboard Complete 35 Card Set - $425.00
Some say this is a 1987 issue, some say 1988 or 1989 but it is for sure vintage. Includes the first cards of many legendary 1980's Skaters like Rodney Mullen, Christian Hosoi, Lance Mountain, Gator, Mike McGill, Ken Park, and Chris Miller. The Bod Boyle card is actually Hosoi! The rest of the set is filled out with obscure South American Skaters. Cards are in fantastic NM+ condition.

But.. the key card is the #A4 Lester Kasai card. I made the recent discovery that it is actually Tony Hawk on this card making this the first card issued of Tony Hawk! Anywhere you see this card listed as Hawk means that person read one of my posts somewhere LOL!

1989 Cromy Argentina Skateboard Card Tony Hawk RC #A4 (Incorrect Name On Front) - $100.00
This is NOT Lester Kasai! Funny, how could a company mess up the first card of the best Skater of all time? In the photo you can pick out the famous Tony Hawk Chicken Skull Deck, Yellow Tracker Trucks, Jaw Bone under the nose, Lapper, the Black and White Gloves Tony often wore, and his trademark bent right arm over his head. Plus that's Tony's face!!!! This one is a little rough and priced accordingly.

1988-89 Cromy Argentina Skate Album Sticker Tony Hawk #9 - $300.00 each
Measuring 2" x 3", this tough-to-find sticker from the 1988-89 Cromy Skate Album has the same mistake as the card. Where this sticker goes in the album says it's again Lester Kasai, but it is actually Tony Hawk. I have two of these in solid NM+ condition. These stickers are extremely hard to find with the backing paper attached, you could search for a long time and never find one!

1983 Lyons Maid Junior Champs Tony Alva RC SGC 5 - $80.00
Obscure British issue, only two copies have been graded by ANY company (I own the other one). This is the first and ONLY card ever issued for the great Tony Alva. Real nice for the grade, SGC was tough on this one!

1991 Surf / Skate (Brazil) Album Sticker #197-200 Mike McGill - $55.00
Here's a cool and hard-to-find Sticker of legendary Powell-Peralta and Bones Brigade team member Mike McGill. The sticker is oversized measuring Approx. 3.75" x 5". Sticker has a crease going down the left-hand side but does not interfere with the fantastic image of McGill. Plus, look at that cool closeup shot of the classic VCJ Skull & Snake graphic!



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