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10 Spanish milled Dollars, dated 1776. Replica !?

Perhaps someone could help me with a little info on a note I have in my album.

I have a banknote for 10 Spanish milled Dollars, dated 1776, with number 1745. I bought it sometime back at a show, it was from a dealer’s junk box for One Dollar or so, so nothing valuable or scarce there.

Can someone tell me something about it. I believe it is a reproduction of some kind, a commemorative? I found images of it on the net, in which the print is precisely the same, including the ink strokes on the number, 1745. One of the instances of the note imaged is allegedly in the British library, so it cannot be an image of my note!

I found a reference to notes denominated in ‘Spanish Milled Dollars’ on the Atlanta Fed web site. Is my note a reproduction of one of these, and are there reproductions of the others?


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    Steve_in_TampaSteve_in_Tampa Posts: 1,819 ✭✭✭✭✭

    You won’t find authentic examples of these in a dealers junk box. These sell for sometimes thousands of dollars. Typically these are printed with both black and orange ink. Here’s an example of a genuine note. It is not mine.

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    @Steve_in_Tampa said:
    You won’t find authentic examples of these in a dealers junk box.

    Heh, I figured that, though I did find a rare note once, priced at $18, which was a $300 note, low grade so maybe missed for that reason.

    Are these replicas common?

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    sellitstoresellitstore Posts: 2,482 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Your replica is a bit different than most seen but I have seen this Georgia replica before, too.

    Most replicas use a brown, crisp crinkled paper made to look artificially aged. Yours is not one of these.

    Rare and common are relative terms. No doubt that there are many more "rare" 1909S VDB cents surviving but there are many more of these copies than there are collectors of them, so, to me, It's common. Locating ten of these replicas would be quite a challenge. Locating ten 1909S VDBs shouldn't take longer than 1 minute.

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    Yes, I noticed on my replica that the paper is 'original' in appearance, as it is on the image i found on the wiki link above. The damage to the paper on the wiki link image is different. bot look a bit like VG grade notes, aged artificially, I figure.

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