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Ancients, Mexico

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Mexico Mo L Real PCGS Genuine (1516-55) on holder. Looks AU Very nice. $160

8 reales from the Concepcion Shipwreck, 25.1 g. Offered in Superior Galleries May 30,1990. Copy of front page of catalog, page listed and price realized included. reduced $240 delivered

1670 Assayer E Potosi 4 reales 11.8 g. reduced $170
In hand better than photo

SOLD below
A check of heritage auction archives shows a heavily corroded piece in 2011 that sold for $254 and a better one in 2007 for $373. Sedwick had one in 2010 for $400+. Compare those to this one and how long ago any were offered. This one weighs 25.69g and is


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