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Series 1935A $1 SC Emergency Issue Hawaiian notes

Completing sets has long been a satisfying accomplishment for many collectors, and I learned early on that unless you’re competing in a TPG Registry set, the numbers on the holder only tell part of the story. We’ve all seen AU notes that are prettier than GEM notes, which brings me to the often heard saying, “ Buy the note, not the holder”. To any new collectors reading, learn as much as you can before collecting/purchasing. Read the threads here, read the guide books and auction descriptions, attend shows, talk to dealers and other collectors and unless the note you’re looking for is exceeding rare, try to only buy the note once.

This set here was inspired by seeing posts many years ago on this forum by member @WEG. Bill posted amazing Hawaiian notes that all had one thing in common, great eye appeal regardless of the grade. Bill mentored me, along with others and all of the advise was consistent . Be patient, be picky, try to find examples with original paper, decent centering and problem free. I completed this set several years back. All the notes are in TPG holders that range in grade from 55PQ through 65PQ. The only two I would consider expensive are the star and A-C block. Post your Hawaiian Aces !


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