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1996 $20 Replacement Note Set

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For almost 70 years, the $20 FRN went mostly unchanged. A small portrait of President Jackson graced the front, squarely in the center. Then, along comes the newly designed 1996 $20 note. The portrait of Jackson is enlarged and slightly offset to the left to accommodate the new watermark added to the right side field. Several other security features were added, but the face of the note was the first big change the public noticed. Serial numbers also changed to a double letter prefix, indicating both the series and district.

I originally thought that putting together an uncirculated set of replacement notes was going to be a cakewalk. This wasn’t the case. It took well over a year, with the last note coming from a seller in China. The St. Louis Star is the key replacement note, but Atlanta was the hardest to find. Nine of the twelve districts had replacement notes printed for them. This is now one of my favorite modern sets.

Post your $20 replacement notes !


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