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Pokémon packs - is there a set (or sets) in the registry?

I've just got back my first pack sub for Pokémon packs. I'm trying to add them to the appropriate set in the registry - but I don't find any.

Are there pack sets in the registry for Pokémon?


  • Nothing?

  • bammerbbbammerbb Posts: 161 ✭✭✭

    Pokeman sets are under the TCG choice when YOu go to EXPLORE in the registry start. There are several choices for Pokeman sets, but I'm not familiar enough with Pokeman to know if there are any pack sets. Hope this helps.

  • I discovered the trick - to have a set added that does not already exist there is a page for that. However if the new set consists of less than 5 items, one must send email to request.

    I did so and they added sets for the packs I had graded.

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