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Where to buy World Coins by the pound?

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I need to buy an assortment of world coins for a Cub Scout meeting. Any recommendations where to buy? Needs to be fairly cheap but I don't want to get garbage either. If anyone could tell me roughly how many coins are likely to be in a pound, that would be helpful too.


  • neildrobertsonneildrobertson Posts: 1,147 ✭✭✭✭✭

    The quality of bulk world can vary wildly. I expect 75-150 coins per lb. I think about 150 lincoln cents weighs a pound. I'd say bulk costs $5-$15/lb. When I've had extra coins, I usually charge $5-8/lb when I have world coins I need to get rid of.

    A lot of local coin shops will have tubs of them they need to get rid of. I collect German coins, so I'm usually aware of the fact Ron Guth usually has bulk work coins for $8/lb (https://germancoins.com/coin/world-coins-bulk-lots/).

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    Dealers with actual stores usually have plenty of foreign coins they would like to get rid of. Most will sell them by the pound. Let the dealer know they are for a Cub Scout project and he may give you a better price. Don't expect to find any silver as that will have been pulled out. Also, make sure they are a good mix and not loaded up with cheap coins of a single country.

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    Send @lordmarcovan a message. He may have some.

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    Try board member @jdmern


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