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WTB: Vintage St. Louis Cardinals and Browns - RAW

Hello -- I'm slowing building St. Louis Cardinals and Browns Teams sets from 1948-1990, all ungraded (one set of each year/company, just for my personal collection). I am looking for higher condition cards and the Greg Morris auctions are nickel and diming me to death, so I'm going to try another route! If you happen to have a number of these, please let me know!

- Eric


  • RocuanRocuan Posts: 403 ✭✭✭

    I have these Cardinal cards for sale. Will send scans if interested in any. Need your email address.

    24 Gsay
    149 Niemann
    263 Johnson
    355 White
    495 Boyer

    266 McDaniel
    338 Landrum
    347 Team Card
    428 Broglio
    505 Schoendienst

    50 Musial
    412 James

    394 McCarver

    540 Brock

    275 McCarver

    180 Flood
    275 McCarver1969
    164 WS McCarver
    165 WS Brock

    40 Allen

    40 Allen
    370 Torre

    107 Cruz
    154 Simmons
    200 Brock
    669 Maarinez
    500 Torre

    350 Gibson
    328 Siebern
    610 Hunt

    10 Brock
    66 Tyson
    499 Guerrero
    549 Hernandez
    688 Brock

    1 Brock Record
    195 Diierker

    team Card

  • @Rocuan Thanks so much! I'll send you a PM with my e-mail address

  • DboneesqDboneesq Posts: 18,220 ✭✭

    Hi ... I probably have a decent amount from the 60s. Also have ones autographed. If you want to send me an email ([email protected]) I'll take a look at what I have and let you know. Stay healthy.



    Liquidating my collection for the 3rd and final time. Time for others to enjoy what I have enjoyed over the last several decades. Money could be put to better use.
  • Will do. Thanks so much for the reply @Dboneesq

  • I want to thank @flcardtrader for how much he helped me out on a whole stack of Cardinals!

  • I messaged a list of cards. I wasn't sure if it reached you or not? I have a few more if need be. Let me know buddy!

  • I have 1000’s upon thousands of football cards from 1970 -2000’s. I am in the process of going through the because they are all mixed together. All raw. If your still looking when I’m done I wil let you know if ur on here

  • Thanks @Revecamdy but I am alas just a baseball collector. Thanks though and have fun going through all your cards!

  • Hey @STLCollector , pleasure reaching out. I have a decent amount of STL Cardinals cards for sale. Only a few are before 1990, but I've listed some other ones that feature prominent Cardinals players. Here's a rundown. Please email me at [email protected] if interested! (All grades are self-graded approximations based on PSA criteria):

    1986 Vince Coleman Topps D Rookie Card (Grade 2)
    1986 Vince Coleman Topps 60 Mini Card (Grade 3)
    1988 Bob Gibson Topps Turn Back the Clock 664 * (Grade 3)
    2003 Jim Edmonds Fleer Double Header 135 (Grade 3)
    2003 JD Drew Topps 624 (Grade 3)
    2004 Yadier Molina Star Rookies Upper Deck 258 (Grade 2)
    2004 Albert Pujols Topps 100 (Grade 3)
    2005 Yadier Molina Topps 632 (Grade 2)
    2005 Fleer NL Home Run Leaders (with Pujols) (Grade 3)
    2010 Albert Pujols Topps 327 (Grade 7)
    2010 Albert Pujols Topps 160 Rookie Card Replica (Grade 5)


  • Thanks @lukedyercards ! Indeed most of those are a bit too modern for me and I think I'll hold out for higher grades on the older ones. Thanks so much for replying!

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