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Various high grade coins closing on Great Collections on September 19.

A variety of countries represented; here's the list:

Azores 1901 5 Reis KM-16 PCGS MS-64 BN
Azores 1901 10 Reis KM-17 PCGS MS-63 BN
Ireland 1933 3 Pence KM-4 NGC MS-63
Italy 1911-R 10 Centesimi KM-51 PCGS MS-64 BN
Mexico 1949-Mo Centavo KM-415 PCGS MS-64 RD
Sweden 1943 5 Ore KM-779.2 PCGS MS-64
Australia 1951-(M) Silver Florin 50th Year Jubliee KM-47 PCGS MS-63
Brazil 1888 Silver 2,000 Reis KM-485 PCGS MS-63
Brazil 1913-A Silver 500 Reis KM-512 PCGS MS-65
Brazil 1912 Silver 1,000 Reis KM-510 PCGS MS-65
Chile 1927-So Silver 5 Pesos KM-173.1 ANACS MS-64
Denmark 1899-VBP Silver 10 Ore KM-795.2 PCGS MS-65
Denmark 1904-VBP Silver 25 Ore KM-796.2 PCGS MS-63
Denmark 1898-VBP Silver Krone KM-797.2 PCGS MS-65
Denmark 1876-HC SC Silver 2 Kroner KM-798.1 PCGS MS-62
Denmark 1912-VBP AH Silver 2 Kroner KM-811 PCGS MS-65
Denmark 1916-VBP AH Silver 2 Kroner KM-820 PCGS MS-63
Denmark 1953-N S Silver 2 Kroner Greenland KM-844 PCGS MS-64
Dominican Republic 1944 Silver 5 Centavos KM-18a PCGS MS-62
Dominican Republic 1952 Silver Peso KM-22 PCGS MS-64
France 1915 Silver Franc Gad-467 ANACS MS-65 (Toned)
France 1895-A Silver 2 Francs Gad-530a PCGS Genuine AU Details
France 1917 Silver 2 Francs Gad-532 ANACS MS-65 (Toned)
France 1920 Silver 2 Francs Gad-532 ANACS MS-63 (Toned)
Germany 1905-A Silver 1/2 Mark KM-17 PCGS MS-65 (Toned)
Germany 1914-J Silver 1/2 Mark KM-17 PCGS MS-65 (Toned)
Germany 1915-D Silver 1/2 Mark KM-17 PCGS MS-64
Germany 1919-D Silver 1/2 Mark KM-17 PCGS MS-63
Germany 1899-D Silver Mark KM-14 PCGS MS-64
Germany 1905-E Silver Mark KM-14 PCGS MS-64
Germany 1914-D Silver Mark KM-14 PCGS MS-66
Germany 1914-F Silver Mark KM-14 PCGS MS-64
Great Britain 1893 Silver 6 Pence Old Head S-3941 PCGS MS-64
Great Britain 1900 Silver 6 Pence S-3941 PCGS MS-63
Greece 1967 Silver 50 Drachmai KM-93 PCGS MS-68
Guatemala 1894 Silver Peso KM-210 ANACS MS-65
Israel JE 5709 (1949) silver 500 Prutah KM-16 PCGS MS-65
Italy 1914-R Silver 2 Lire KM-55 PCGS MS-62
Netherlands 1939 Silver Gulden KM-161.1 PCGS MS-63
Netherlands 1933 Silver 2 1/2 Gulden KM-165 PCGS MS-62
Peru 1907-JF Silver 1/5 Sol KM-205.2 PCGS MS-66
Peru 1916-FG JR Silver 1/2 Sol KM-203 PCGS MS-65
Peru 1916-FG Silver Sol LIBERTAD Incuse KM-196.27 PCGS MS-63
Portugal 1908 Silver 500 Reis KM-535 PCGS MS-63
Sweden 1874-ST Silver 25 Ore KM-738 PCGS MS-64
Sweden 1930-G Silver 50 Ore KM-788 PCGS MS-66
Vatican City 1939 Silver 5 Lire Sede Vacante KM-20 PCGS MS-64
Vatican City 1939 Silver 10 Lire Sede Vacante KM-21 PCGS MS-65
Venezuela 1973 Silver 10 Bolivares Y-45 PCGS MS-65

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