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The Blacklisted Wildebeest Collection

RolandRoland Posts: 13
edited August 22, 2021 6:04PM in PCGS Set Registry Forum

Wow. So my 1965-1989 Wildebeest collection won gold in 2019. I scored TWO massive upgrades in 2020, and yet lost my gold to zombie sets that hadn't been upgraded in years. This year I scored FOUR big upgrades. Result? Blue Star again. I didn't even make the TOP 8 for South Africa!

The Black Wildebeest Collection is the SINGLE LARGEST COMPLETE COLLECTION out of all 557 South African sets!

20 out of 25 coins are top-pops, and 14 out of 25 are unique top-pops. That's more more than TWO TIMES the number of unique top-pops as the 8 winning South African sets COMBINED (6)!

The set rating is 66.72/68.08 for low-mintage COPPERS that have been corroding in their original fabric cases for decades. The degree of difficulty in assembling a set in this condition is high.

There are a total of only 12 coins rated higher than ANY coin in the 25 coin Wildebeest collection. By contrast, one of the winning sets has only 6 coins with zero unique top pops and 41 higher.

PCGS... you guys can't honestly tell me with a straight face that this isn't one of the top 8 South African sets. I'm sorry, but you just can't. I'm not even going to play that game. Aesthetically, it is incomparable.

@jamiekiskis, come on man.



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