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The classic modern Mexican (post-1905 monetary reform) rarities are the 1914 and 1949 Pesos. But there are also some classic minors that are even rarer. These are the 1922 2 Centavos and the 1931 5 Centavos.

The mint records don't show the mintage figures for either of these coins because they were never officially produced. Yet they exist. Why?

The theory is that the Mexican Mint assumed the coins would be needed, just as in previous years, so they made the dies and struck a few trials to test the dies. The coins appear just like "regular" issues of every other year. But the Bank of Mexico never placed an order for these coins, so the mint never ramped up production and minted them.

Rather than destroying perfectly good coins, the mint just put these trials into following years Bank of Mexico circulating coin orders. (We know they all ended up in circulation rather than being saved by mint officials since all are found in circulated condition.)

As a collector of patterns and trials, I like the 1922 2c and the 1931 5c since I consider them trials. But others rightfully consider them (very rare) circulating coins since they did actually circulate. And they are often collected with advanced collections of modern Mexican coinage or Mexican rarities.

Anyway, as I have been collecting for 25+ years, I have managed to upgrade my examples and am selling my lesser-graded duplicates. Make no mistake, I didn't just buy the first examples that came my way. I waited patiently for extraordinary examples and only bought the ones I thought were above-average given what is available. These usually come in wretched condition, particularly the 2c. Unlike Pesos, these coins were used by the people for everyday transactions. And they usually show it.

If you want to have a look, and perhaps bid on them, please check out the following links:

1922 2c

1931 5c


  • pruebaspruebas Posts: 4,278 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    By the way, don't let the Heritage estimates scare you off. They are a joke.

    At the current bids, including the BP, both coins are valued less than I paid for them.

    And there is a 1796/5-SoDA Santiago Bust 8R that I have consigned as well. UNC Details, but very scarce coin.

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