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(DRAFT) LordM CU forums 20th anniversary giveaway

lordmarcovanlordmarcovan Posts: 43,198 ✭✭✭✭✭
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Giveaway is live now- join the party

Greetings, CU forum friends!

It's true I don't see as much of y'all these days, since I spend most of my time on CoinTalk now. But I still love ya, and do still stick my head back in here from time to time.

I just realized that August 17th will be my 20th anniversary here on the CU forums. What a journey it has been. I suppose that calls for a little celebration giveaway! :)

Here's what we'll do. Why don't you...

1. Wish me a happy anniversary.

2. If you and I go back a ways, share the tale of a coin deal we once did, or some other memory we might share.

3. Tell me which one of the following coins below you would like to have as your prize if you win the drawing!

I'll do the drawing on or shortly after the 17th- my anniversary. Should this get delayed due to my absence- don't fret. You may consider the contest open for entries until such time as I return and wrap it up, depending on my schedule.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship with 99.9% of you over these past two decades.

Numismatic Regards,

~Robertson ("Rob") Shinnick ("LordM")

A few coins may be subject to prior sale before the drawing, but I doubt any are going anywhere in that time. I've tried to include a little bit of everything here: Dark-Darkside (Ancient), Darkside (World), Greyside (Canadian), Liteside (USA), and Farside (Exonumia), to give you a little bit of a selection. Enjoy! :)


Roman Empire: silver denarius of Trajan, ca. 98-117 AD; Mars advancing
Raw. Looks a bit better than the images. More pictures and info on the linked page above, but most are either underexposed or overexposed.


Belgium (Liège): silver Ernestus of Ernest of Bavaria, 1582
PCGS VF Details. "Environmental damage", but attractive contrasting grey toning. Decent sized early-dated silver coin. More images and info on linked page above.


Russia: copper 5-kopecks of Catherine the Great, 1769-EM, Ekaterinburg mint
Raw. Large and impressively chunky. More images and info on linked page above.


United States: silver Seated Liberty dime, 1876-CC
Raw. Crusty original toning. More images on (slow-loading) linked page above.


United States: silver Morgan dollar, 1904-O
Early ANACS MS63. Moderate grey-gold toning with subdued luster beneath. Sorry for the image quality.


United States: silver Barber dime, 1907-O
NGC F12. Decent original circ. More images on (slow-loading) linked page above.


United States: copper-nickel Buffalo nickel, 1916-D
PCGS F15. Decent original circ. More images on (slow-loading) linked page above.


Canada: bronze large cent, 1918
PCGS MS63 BN. Medium brown.


Germany: aluminum 20-pfennig streetcar token (Eisbären Berlin), undated, ca. 1920s
PCGS MS65. Polar bears at the zoo! Actually looks nicer than the TrueView, which doesn't show the luster very well.


United States: steel Lincoln Wheat cent, 1943-D
PCGS MS66. Nice and lustrous; moreso than seen in the TrueView.

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