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Hard to watch a baseball game when ARod is announcing

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Is it me, or is this guy just awful? Its bad enough when you get Smoltz, who puts me to sleep, but ARod is the worst.

Tried to watch the Red Sox last night, an ESPN game. It was bad enough that the team is playing poorly, but to add ARod to the mix is just too much for me. I gave it till somewhere around the 4th inning, this while having the sound on mute and surfing youtube. Dumped the game and watch a Liam Neeson movie.

The Sox BTW are beginning to watch their efforts melt away. No key hits, and pitching that is lackluster. All this hooplah about Sale and Schwarber, as if they hold the keys to the kingdom is a joke. They may be good, but Sale only pitches every 5th game, and Schwarber as a DH only swings about 3 times a game. Only 55 games left, playing against your closest rival, and getting swept is not how a championship team plays.

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    I don’t mind Arod, but I 100% agree on Smoltz. He’s a snooze fest. The only announcer more boring may be Kirk Gibson.

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    If ARoid is announcing I would shut it off.

    When Randy Moss is on TV, I change the channel or turn it off and do something else.

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