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Rarest Mexico Libertad Known!

A wonderful and definite once in the lifetime find for me the average collector has just happened. While going through my collection of Mexico Libertads to find a place for my newly acquired key date of 1998 I couldn't help but notice something off about it. The coin itself looked virtually perfect which prompted me to purchase it to begin with. To find a 1998 in such exemplary condition is a rarity all on its own. How many of the 67,000 are survived and in such stellar condition is a mystery. So imagine my surprise when looking at the stunning reverse of the coin I was horrified at what at first glance appeared to be a gouge in  the most prominent place on the Winged Victory! Had I dropped or scraped it unknowingly somehow? this couldn't be. I can't be that unlucky. I had to get this under light. Sure enough extending across the right bust to her shoulder was a raised radial scar! An interior die break, absolutely amazing how did the previous owner miss this? Maybe they mistook it for damage? In any case she was all mine now in all her glory. I had to exam her fully. The obverse proved to be just as exciting and gratifying as the reverse when immediately as clear as day sat another die break right on top of the eagles head! and below the banner yet another. My mind was racing. What did you go through at that ol' mint? Immediately I searched for another example or article but nothing, it was just too scarce. So I hit the forums, conferring to the experts in the numismatics field. I was delighted when it unanimously confirmed as a mint error. Congrats were due and I decided to celebrate by getting it immortalized by PCGS. Confident but still nervous at what grade it would receive I was absolutely elated when it came back MS69. Would there ever be any finer example? Would there be any other example of this mint error? Only time will tell. As for now this beauty queen holds the crown for the rarest and only known 1 onza silver libertad ever graded and attributed in existence. This 1998 "Scarred Bust" 1 onza Mexico Libertad can be found at auction with Ian over at Great Collections auction house in August 2021.


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