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Stamp dealer in South Florida

Hello everyone. I am strictly a US coin collector and I know very little about stamps and their collectibility and values. I recently bought a medium size collection of coins. And the seller has a relatively large stamp collection that he inherited from his father. He mentioned that many of the sheets and rolls of stamps have low value. But he also mentioned that he has higher value stamps including Zepplin stamps and other highly collectible stamps. I was wondering if anyone can point him in the right direction to liquidate his father’s entire collection. I mentioned listing items on eBay. But he is not interested in selling the collection in that manner. Any help is greatly appreciated!


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    Advise him to go to his local library and check the reference section to see if they have a copy of Scott's US Specialized Catalog. This will give him an idea of which stamps are of high value (like the Zeps). Don't get yourself too involved as most of the collection is likely to be common "stuff" issued over the past 80+ years, much of which will be "discount postage". You aren't the one who wasted money on the common "stuff" so don't waste your time involving yourself in its disposal. This type of collection can really waste time if the seller is unrealistic about its value.

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    Thank you 291fifth!

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    Unfortunately that's the hard truth.

    You could even approach it from the other direction to save time. Figure out when the stamp collection starts and peruse the Scott values for any issues with higher than average vakues, and then look for those in the collection.

    I know there is a stamp issued during WWII that show Lincoln and a Chinese leader that has a big premium, for example. A collection of stamps/sheets from that era might well include that one.

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