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Civil War Token Registry Question

I have noticed that PCGS is slabbing more and more CWT’s. When I look at the registry, there appears to be very few CWT registries and I didn’t see any for patriotic CWT.

On each token I have slabbed by our hosts, there are the words patriotic. I believe you can ask for a set/registry to be created, but for CWT, there are almost endless possibilities, so I know I couldn’t create a list.

How would one go about seeing if PCGS would have the ability to add patriotic tokens as a registry, and since I believe registry has to be Tokens graded by the host….The registry could be updated whenever PCGS certifies a new patriotic CWT die combination.

While I am not so interested in competing, the tru-views; the album capability, and being able to see other tokens would interest me.

I am hoping maybe our hosts see the thread, but if not, thoughts on who to ask or pointing me to a registry if it exists would be appreciated.


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