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Baseball Topps Chrome Rookies Versus Topps RC's

I have noticed that Topps Chrome Rookie cards in baseball have taken over as the players more sought after rookie card. In past years Topps or Topps Update was always considered the key rookie card. Here are a few examples of what I'm talking about.

2017 Topps Aaron Judge Series 1 -PSA 10 - This is regarded as his AL ROY PSA Registry card - The Chrome version is now the much superior card when in years past that wasn't the case.

2018 Topps Update Red Jersey Shohei Ohtani - This card was his most popular leading up to the start of the year but his AL ROY PSA Registry card is listed as his Topps Chrome Pitching card in the White Uniform. So the registry listed the Ohtani Chrome as his key Registry card but has not updated the Judge.

Another example would Pete Alonso 2019 Topps is listed as his Registry card but the Chrome is the much superior card.

Will PSA update these players Registry cards and change the cards that feature a Topps as the key Registry card to now the Topps Chrome version? I believe they should because Topps base PSA 10s are not sought after in the hobby especially on players who featured both a Topps/Topps Chrome on the same card/design.

My last examples would be Juan Soto Topps Update, this card was supposed to be the next Trout Update and now people prefer the Chrome version of the same card. I could make the case for having some Topps listed as the key card but the Chrome I believe should now be listed as the key PSA Rookie Registry cards especially on players featuring both a Topps and Topps Chrome.

Ronald Acuna At-Bat Blue Jersey was a very popular card but now people prefer the Topps Chrome of him batting in the white uniform and PSA has designated that card as his NL ROY PSA Registry card.

What does everyone else think?

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