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Rookie etc Football Cards

Gonna put this out here for offers…

  • 1981 Joe Montana (Topps) inside a rookie sleeve
  • 1981 Joe Montana (Topps) inside screwed plastic case enclosure - case is the only thing scratched
  • 1986 Jerry Rice (topps)
  • 1989 Rookie Troy Aikman (topps)
  • 1984 Dan Marino AFC Pro Bowl (topps)
  • 1984 John Elway (topps)
  • 1989 Rookie Barry Sanders (topps)
  • 1984 Eric Dickerson NFC Pro Bowl (topps)

Please know all are in hard plastic sleeves and any scratches are not on the card. A couple had sticker glue still on it and I don’t want to do anything to affect the card itself. Check out the edges in the pictures to see how good condition they are still in.

I think I have some more somewhere but I’ll see if anyone wants these for now.



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