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WTB/WTTF 1987 Fleer Basketball PSA 9s

I am trying to complete my 87 Fleer basketball set and need the following cards in PSA 9 no qualifiers:

1 Jabbar
3 Aguirre
6 Bailey
7 Ballard
8 Banks
10 Benjamin
11 Bird
16 Barry Carroll
21 Cooper
22 Corzine
23 Cummings
30 Drexler
33 Ellis
34 English
61 Laimbeer
63 Levingston
64 Lister
66 Lucas
69 M. Malone
70 C. Maxwell
74 McHale
89 Porter
95 Sampson
122 John Williams (Bullets)
128 Woodson

I am following a few eBay auctions but thought I would try this route as well. I am new to this message board but have been on eBay for several years primarily as a buyer.

I have some PSA 8s willing to trade including Jabbar, Bird, Barkely, Olajuwon and Isiah Thomas. I also have several PSA 9 duplicates willing to trade.

Other cards willing to trade include 86 Fleer Sticker Isiah Thomas BGS 8 and 86 Fleer Sticker Patrick Ewing SGC 92/8.5.

Also very open to pay cash for any of these as well. Thanks!


  • Apologies - I think I posted this in the wrong section. It has been posted on the B,S,T section.

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