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180? One Quarter Cut of Carlos IV 8 Reales

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Nice old dark patina, ca. VF (raw). The edges show the typical half-cut, half-torn look of most authentic 18th-19th century cut coins, bent up at one corner and a bit uneven, as made. Most of the cut coins of this vintage (1st quarter of the 19th century) have come out of the Ohio River Valley, where cut coins (called "sharps" or "sharp money") circulated in the U. S. well into the 1830s. These also circulated in the West Indies. Most of the known cut eight reales (2 bits) are actually 1/5 cuts rather than 1/4 cuts, making this piece unusual.

Ex: Fred Pridmore, Edward Roehrs, John Kraljevich. This piece is illustrated in John J. Kraljevich Jr. , ‘Lost in Translation,’ The Numismatist, Jan. 2012, pp. 68-72.

Asking $640.00 (shipping included)

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