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? About some bills

Alright well i have like $800 of 2017 ja is the block number so there is abunch of good ones threw out the run series some are in order lots of trinarys binarys radar repeaters ect so i just starten saving them so it starts at 12000000 and ends around 89000000 and these are not the exact serieal number just to give ou a idea of how wide of span is their in thsse bills should i try ro sell them as a unit or just sell of the good ones



  • Thats just about this run i have multiple ? Like 1234567 on a serieal number but not in order is that worth keeping how about 777 666 999 420 007 357 lucky 7's devil bills upsidedown 666 stoner bills james bond and even gun fanatics the 357 maybe 380 308 410 what about double double serieal numbers like 24 34 44 94 close but not all the way in order coments on these types of notes

  • JBKJBK Posts: 14,214 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I am not sure why you put this in the Buy Sell Trade forum, but in any case, to have value the #s have to be special, not just marginally interesting.

    For example, the first one is good, but I don't see what is special about the rest.

    Also, condition is everything. They look circulated and the binder clips and handling are not helping the value.

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