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Starting on the top left, working our way around the outside, and spiraling into the middle:

  • 8 better date Jefferson proofs (1950's) and a 1951 proof 1c

  • Somewhere in the 55-60 count range of almost all pre-30 Lincolns (semi better dates, etc) and a few Indians in 2x2's ready to stuff a wholesale box

  • 1957-D PCGS MS65 toned Washington, 1813 ANACS Bust half G4, and an NGC silver eagle

  • A couple of Canadian coins, the ANACS one has cool and colorful toning that you can't see in the pic

  • 18 Barber dimes, no duplicates

  • A couple of 1996 mint sets, and some random other coins, and a Quarter and Die Mint Set

  • 54 silver war nickels (in the plastic tubes)

  • Gerald Ford medal

  • Various random other coins

  • A bunch of silver rounds, including but not limited to the Atlanta 1996 Olympic sets

  • Error coins including a 180 degree rotated NGC Large Cent and a 1959 D/D/D Lincoln

  • Lowball Seated Dollar (not a half dollar...a whole dollar ;) and a 1796 Liberty Cap Large Cent, and an 1822 Large cent (hard to see)

  • A mystery item or two

  • As mentioned, many silver rounds pictured below

  • Three ikes in plastic mint packaging and the brown folders (the 4th of the folders just has a loose ike in it)

  • Various 90% silver coins

  • Random Items I forgot to mention??

  • This is a junk box and comes with no guarantees and no returns. The descriptions are made based on a quick analysis and may contain slight errors

Early American Copper, Bust and Seated.

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