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Series 1928-D $2 Legal Tender Note Mule

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It isn’t every day that a United States banknote variety that is currently unlisted in the foremost reference catalog enters the PCGS grading room. That is why our banknote team was more than a little bit surprised after encountering a note previously unknown to researchers and collectors active in this specific area of banknotes.

The new discovery was a Series 1928-D $2 Legal Tender Note Mule from the D-A Block.

How could this have happened? How could a mule printed with a phased-out reverse printing plate have been overprinted with a D-A block serial number so late in the game? While research into this continues, the leading theory places the blame squarely on a quirky practice known to the BEP at the time. Incomplete sheets of “micro”-size plate number reverses (without faces) could have been misplaced by press operators or placed in storage for months or even years before being discovered.

Full article: https://www.pcgs.com/news/mules-and-blocks-on-bucks

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