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"BIG old junk box for sale"

  • 28 Whitman albums containing 785 coins (give or take).

In addition:

  • Big pile of foreign coins topped with many plastic tube rolls, loose, and 2x2'ed US coins of various type, including errors.
  • A group of 15+ loose in the pile silver coins (the ones in the group with the Bust Dime on the left side).
  • The baggie in the back has an additional 50+ better foreign coins in 2x2's

  • A nice wad of bank notes and other curiosities.

  • A red box of 70+ tokens, medals, "good for" tokens, a Condor token, etc.

  • No guarantees, no returns, everything stated above is an approximation...as is the case with anyone selling a junk box.

  • $750 shipped (obo), Paypal

  • If you want to buy something separately, or want to leave something off for a lower offer, let me know.

Early American Copper, Bust and Seated.

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