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I'm looking for the following T202's to upgrade my set and have a few available for sale/trade. I have all of the cards listed below in PSA-5 to 5.5. I'm looking for these cards in PSA 6 or 7.

NEED: Stars T202
A Desperate Slide For Third-Cobb/O'Leary
Chase Safe at 3rd-Baker/Barry
Collins Easily Safe-Byrne/Clarke
Devlin Gets Man-Mathewson/Fletcher
Too Late for Devlin-Devlin/Mathewson(Giants)
Ty Cobb Steals 3rd-Cobb/Moriarty
Ty Cobb Steals 3rd-Austin/Stovall

NEED: Commons T202
Carrigan Blocks His Man-Carrigan/Wagner
Close At Third-Carrigan/Wagner
Donlin Out At First-Leach/Wilson
Evers Makes A Safe Slide-Archer/Overall
Held At Third-Lord/Tannehill
Just Before the Battle-Ames/Meyers
Tom Jones At Bat-Gaspar/McLean

Extras for Sale/Trade: I would accept higher end T-201's for trade if interested!
Dooin Gets His Man-Dooin/Doolan PSA-5
Dooin Gets His Man-Dooin/Titus PSA-5
Harry Lord At Third (Lennox/Tinker) PSA-5

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