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Ultramodern Washington Quarter Registry Thread 1999-2021

This category is expansive when one includes the varieties minted in the past two decades. Collecting every reverse from Vermont to Tuskegee is an endeavor to say the least. Add in the proof, satin-finish, silver, and enhanced versions and one has a bold numismatic journey to begin.

The 2021 Crossing the Delaware quarters and future designs are a departure from the theme of the past 20+ years. Please post your favorite ultramodern quarters from this era. I will start things off with three business strikes from 2008, all are graded PCGS MS-67+


  • JonJetJonJet Posts: 524 ✭✭✭

    The 2008 Hawaii state quarter...a real find if You can locate one today in PR70DCAM in both Clad and Silver...the 2007 Wyoming in PR70DCAM is another key date

    The quarters of this era are divided into several sets...

    1999-2009 US State and Territory quarters
    2010-2021 America The Beautiful National Parks

    Basic Sets - Silver Sets - Composites vary depending on the Set You choose to collect...and there are numerous variations and variety composites as well

    I collect a good many but only Proof Sets...and still lack a dozen or more to complete them in PR70DCAM

    My first Quarter in PR70DCAM...the one from My home state

    My 1957-2022 Proof Set Collection Has Been Sold

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