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For sale: '86 Fleer Jordan PSA 7, '87 Fleer Jordan PSA 8, '80 Topps Bird/Erving/Johnson PSA 3

Pics attached, let me know if you're interested!


  • What's wrong with the Bird / Magic that it got a 3?

  • LFGLFG Posts: 11

    @Fairwarning said:
    What's wrong with the Bird / Magic that it got a 3?

    Apparently a hidden wrinkle on Magic, according to a local dealer that I showed pics to. I was shocked by the 3, I thought I had a gem on my hands.

  • What do you want for it?

  • Do you have any pictures of the back?

  • LFGLFG Posts: 11

  • LFGLFG Posts: 11

    @Fairwarning said:
    What do you want for it?

    I'd love to get a grand for it

  • LFGLFG Posts: 11

    @LFG said:

    That's just a shadow in the pic on the Bird side.

  • sjjs28sjjs28 Posts: 437 ✭✭✭
    edited May 9, 2021 4:15PM

    A wrinkle should only knock you back to a 6 or a 5.
    Must be something a little more persuasive....

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  • LFGLFG Posts: 11

    I'm hoping there's something really glaring that my novice eyes can't see, cuz I really thought I had a great card on my hands. If only PSA provided any kind of explanation....

  • Providing no explanation is a problem with PSA... I have some graded cards that came back much lower than I expected... with some I see the flaw that I missed when I sent them in and others that I just can't see what is wrong with the card... I have even called them to try and find out why a card was graded in a certain way... No joy there though... Your card has beautiful eye appeal but $1000 is a bit steep for me for a 3.

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