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Minor mint variety/errors

I started a new hobby when the corona virus came around a little over a year ago. Coin roll hunting. Needless to say I've accumulated a lot of common unusual coins. I've got 196 floating roof cents, 100 die crack cents, 51 die crack and die chip nickels and one "Ghost date" nickel (grease strike wear the full date is barely visible). I'm looking to trade for a coin or coins with the value of $30. That's less than 10 each. Believe me I know they are common but maybe someone with an E Bay account can turn them into profit. The floating roofs go for $1 each on eBay. If interested please let me know. I'll pay the shipping to you if you'll do the same with your trade. Thanks for reading this long note.

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    Well I've been looking for the elusive "W" quarter and have just found 14. But I also searched cents/nickels/dimes/and of course quarters. This is what I found - 3 dimes in penny rolls, 5 pennies, 1- 2 cent euro, and 2 ugly tokens , in dime rolls - more pennies and 6 war nickles and a token, in nickel rolls - and in the quarter rolls i found coins from the Philippine-mexico- panama- Bolivia ,nickles, pennies. But the prize was a dirty metal washer and then along came President John Adams. If you want to trade - I might be willing.

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    Hi, I apologize for the really late reply. I use to be really active here on this web site but kind of moved on. I still coin roll search when I can get coins. I've had to resort to purchasing bulk lots of wheat pennies off eBay, searching them and then selling them locally. Thank you for your offer of a trade and best of luck in your search for mint errors.

    Digging trash and treasure since 1977
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