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A Serial Number with an Important Date

Firstly, having not posted in this forum before, I hope that this isn't out of the guidelines, and I hope not to bring too much sadness to your days but I just thought that this was important to share. I found this note in my change today - nothing special about the condition, not a star note, but it features the anniversary of a very important date in US history. They say that you don't forget where you were when you heard the news on that awful morning in September, and I certainly won't. 9/11 was over 7,000 days ago, and to put that in perspective, the youngest victim of the attack - a 2 year old aboard United Airlines Flight 175 - should now be graduating from college, or starting a new job, or taking a road trip with their friends. But they are not, those opportunities were ripped away from them on that frightful day. They will never be forgotten, and may they rest in peace


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