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Stacks Auction Yesterday, Did you bid Online? Something was wrong.

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So yesterday I was waiting on one coin to bid on which was the 1932 DDO MS 64+ with CAC and had placed one bid during the auction before the coin came up which was 340 dollars. It said i was outbid so I decided to just wait and bid when the coin was live.

So when the lot appeared it was at 440 and i hit the bid button a few times going up to 725. Now all of a sudden my screen changed to the lot before mine and there was my bid of 725, now panic mode set in and lucky for me someone placed one more bid at 750 and won.

Than it clicked to my lot that i thought i was bidding on and it was already up to 950 so I passed. Now when i go back and log in, it shows that my bid of 725 on the lot before mine was a losing bid. And on the 32 ddo it only shows that i bid 340 and lost. So all my bids up to 725 went towards the one coin before my lot.

Now my guess is that whoever won that lot got screwed. There is no way to see what other bids of mine were on that coin and even the 725 bid cost the next guy 25 bucks. I think it was a lot more as i started bidding at the 440. So if you won this coin I would be contacting stacks and asking questions. Don't know if i should just call them to find out as my bids should not have counted on this coin.....

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Sold $900 You Bid $725


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  • DCWDCW Posts: 6,750 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Weird. I've had more than a couple of SNAFUs at Stacks auctions over the years. Lost quite a few good pieces over frozen screens and the lot I wanted going live while still showing hours left on the bid screen.
    Well, someone still bid it up to $900, regardless of whether or not you intended to take them there. So they got what they wanted at a price they were willing to pay. I don't think Stacks would reverse anything.

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