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Hey Exonumia guys, please give an opinion on this.

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So there's an auction running at eBay for the medal pictured below. I've also included some specifics from the book So-Called Dollars by Hibler/Kappen and the auction link:

HK-852 Silver. 38mm. Only 50 struck, according to John W. Haseltine.
HK-852a Silver. Bashlow restrike. Small S on reverse.
HK-852b Gold. 40.5mm to 41mm. 56.8 grams.
HK-853 Copper. Slightly less than 4mm. thick.
HK-853a Bronze. Bashlow restrike.
HK-854 White Metal. Thickness, 3mm.
HK-854a White Metal. Bowers restrike.
HK-855 Pewter. Approximately 4mm. thick. Sometimes listed as tin.
HK-856 Lead. Slightly more than 2mm. thick.
HK-856a Goldine. Bashlow restrike.


As you can see, the NGC insert indicates this was struck in 1876. However, no Goldine medals were struck either in 1876 by Prof. Montroville Dickeson or in 1917 by Thomas Elder. That planchet type wasn't used until 1962 by Bashlow/QDB. So the question is simple --- Is this some newly discovered rarity struck in 1876, or is it simply a "mechanical error" with the insert(the NGC cert check page also states 1876)? To my way of thinking, if it was struck in 1876 the only way to determine that would be from a diagnostic check moving backwards from 1962.

Al H.


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