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FS: Graded $2 USN Red Seal Notes, 1928 - various

First pair for sale are two notes from the CA block of the 1928-D series;

  • a
  • Fr 1505m 1928-D Mule C06029295A graded PCGS 62PPQ
  • Fr 1505 a 1928-D C64867355A graded PCGS 64PPQ
    Askng $195 shipped to US destnations, sorry no Paypal


  • synchrsynchr Posts: 1,345 ✭✭✭✭

    Second items are a group of three notes that are all the possible blocks for Fr 1508, the 1928-G series $2 Unoted States Notes USN. Each has Exceptional/Premium Paper Quality

    • D90908871A graded PCGS 64 PPQ
    • E18311875A graded PCGS 64PPQ
    • *04130055A graded PMG 40 EPQ
      Asking $375 shipped to US destinations, sorry no Paypal

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