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Ok guys, here i am again on this forum. Just posted on the cards section too with the same question. I have a very large and very old collection of stamps handed down to me that I need to finally push out the door. They are all in VERY good to excellent condition. There's a couple very very old books, 1910 and 1923 that have stamps in them and the rest are all loose put away. I don't even know where to start looking to get rid of these. No one in the area has anything to do with stamps and I really don't want to put the entire collection up on ebay because there's so many I'm not sure whats worth what and I don't want to loose out. Any suggestions? Or anyone in the Central Illinois area (doubt it but worth a shot) that wants to take a look at them? Any suggestions would be so helpful! Thanks!



  • Have you tried contract Ken Srail, he's an honest dealer in my opinion and can give you an idea if the collection is worth anything (he may even make an offer if you're interested in selling it), he's very knowledgeable and won't pull any punches with you. His email is [email protected]. Good luck.

    Gary Haynes
    The Victorian Collection
    [email protected]
  • DerrickDerrick Posts: 4,287 ✭✭
    I'll contact him as well. I have many many rare stamps that might catch his interest. It's worth a try I guess.
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