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1807 draped bust half---die break?

Just picked up this bust half off eBay for my type set. The pictures were pretty dark but I liked the overall appearance and pulled the trigger. Coin arrived today and am curious, is this a die break, or a market acceptable minor scratch? Your thoughts, please.


  • I see a lot of scuffs and some small stains, but no die break. Where exactly should I be looking?

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    I don't see a die break.

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    The coin is O.108 and Tompkins T-1, the reverse die was used a couple of times previously in 1806. It has circulation marks in line with the approximate grade. It also has a very fine die crack (not a die break) starting at the upper inside point of S3, heading towards the inside point of S4. Not quite the full die stage 3 that Tompkins lists of the crack going into the field after S4. The coin looks good from what is in the image.

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    Thanks for enlightening me nysoto, meant to say die crack.

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    I don’t see a die crack on your coin, A die crack would look more like what’s on the upper left of this coin just below the stars and liberty

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