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FS: Raw Mexican (Republic) Silver Minors

pruebaspruebas Posts: 4,281 ✭✭✭✭✭

This is too much to photograph, so if you have interest in something, please let me know and I will shoot some photos for you.

These coins came from a serious old-time collector in Texas, whose name I cannot give, but who studied Mexican Republic varieties for many years and then wrote a book on the minors (which is very rare, I don't even have a copy). All coins come with his tag.

They all seem to have some "problems" so most will not likely slab with a straight grade, but are otherwise solid collector coins. Many have been cleaned at some point, some more heavily than others. Don't forget, minors circulated heavily and most have some scratches or scrapes. The grade I give is only for details, but these are notoriously hard coins to grade, so may be on the low side. Please ask for photos of what you want.

Individual prices are FIRM, but I will give a 5% discount on orders over $500 and 10% on orders over $1000.
Payment by PPFF or check. Shipping is extra, at cost.

4 Reales:
1854-Go PF VG scrapes $50
1854-Go PF XF light scratches, cleaned $100
1857-Go PF XF scrapes $125
1859-Go PF XF scrapes $125
1861-Mo CH VF light scratches, granular surface $150
1863-Mo CH VF small scrapes $200
1832-Zs OM XF edge problem (medal axis) $100
1842-Zs OM F cleaned (large letter variety) $100
1846-Zs OM F light scratches $50
1847-Zs OM VF scratches $100
1851-Zs OM XF-AU scratches $125
1853-Zs OM VF $75
1858-Zs MO XF small scrapes $125
1859-Zs MO XF light scratches $95

2 Reales:
1850-C CE VG-F $110
1846-Do RM F supposedly 4/3 $140
1842-Ga JG/MC 4/3 VF bent+medal axis $120
1828-Go MR VG medal axis $110
1839-Go PJ XF overweight $85
1843-Go PM AU $150
1849-Go PF AU $165 (formerly in a PCGS AU50 slab #13477179 with tag)
1850-Go PF F $85
1852-Go PF F $70
1855-Go PF error */o in mintmark $200
1856-Go PF VF 6/5 style of '54 $55
1860-Go PF XF 60/59 style of '54 $75
1861-Go PF XF 61/57 $80
1827-Mo JM VF style of '26 $55
1840-Mo ML VG $150 (rare)
1851-Mo GC F style of '47 $125
1833-Zs OM XF with edge flaws $140 (apparently formerly a NGC AU50, but I cannot verify)
1833-Zs OM VF large 3s overweight+medal axis $80
1837-Zs OM granular VF but has many varieties in one coin plus it is overweight+medal axis $180
1860-Zs MO VF thin flan on one side $80
1865-Zs MO VF style of 1845 $75 (only Real minor struck at any mint in 1865, but 5c & 10c struck in Zs in 1865!)

1 Reales:
1853-C CE F $50
1829-G MJ VG medal axis $50
1830-G MJ VF retrograde N $45
1854-Go PF F $50
1856-Go PF XF $55
1828-Zs AO XF $165
1832-Zs OM VF $50
1833-Zs OM VF overweight+medal axis $50
1840-Zs OM VF $40

1/2 Reales:
1849-C CE VG-F $75
1828-G MJ VG-F inverted denomination 2/1 medal axis $175 (very rare)
1828-G MJ VG medal axis $75
1828-Go MR VG-F no s after 20G + medal axis $65 (rare)
1830-Go MJ F medal axis $50
1838-Go PJ VF medal axis $45
1836-Mo ML VF $80
1841-Mo ML F two stars variety $150
1858-Mo FH 8/9 XF $45


  • pruebaspruebas Posts: 4,281 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited March 17, 2023 8:20PM

    I am going to send this to the top again before deciding what auction I will send these to.
    The prices are 2 years old. Any interest?

    I also have a few other pieces in a similar vein. Please inquire if interested.

    Also (these need to be priced):

    1877 Gn CG 8 Real (mintmark error "Gn" instead of "Cn") ex Michael McCormick Collection (Ponterio Auction 139 Lot 188 Sep 2006 for $460) but I cannot locate the tag just yet
    1889 Mo M 5 Centavo ex Huntington Collection with tag
    1901 Cn Q 10 Centavo
    1903 Cn V 10 Centavo
    1898 Go R 10 Centavo
    1901 Mo M 10 Centavo
    1904 M M 10 Centavo (missing "o" in mintmark)
    1904 Mo M 10 Centavo
    1897 Zs Z 10 Centavo

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