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PCGS First Strike Label Error on 2020-W 25c coins?

I'm aware of the PCGS First Strike designation and the requirements for qualification, however I submitted several 2020-W Samoa and Weir Farm quarters for Early Find grading and two of them came back with First Strike tags. I can't find any others online and have no idea why they would have applied this label. I'm assuming this was a mistake by PCGS, but I'm curious to know if they hold any additional value due to the error. If anyone has any insight or opinion on this I would be very interested to hear it. Thanks!!



  • TetromibiTetromibi Posts: 940 ✭✭✭✭✭

    The 813466 on samoa is the early find PCGS number, and the 813473 on the weir is also early find. It's just a mechanical error. Bizarre if it was in a group and those were the only two that came back like that.

    Probably some minor added value, not a ton.

  • Yeah, they were in the middle of a group of 10. Very odd. Like I said, I haven't seen any other 2020-W quarters with a First Strike label. I don't think that label is even an option for those coins.

  • It's definitely an upgrade though lol.. The Early Find is 45 days, and First Strike is 30 days, so I guess I have the only W quarters out there that are in between First Week of Discovery & Early Find.. :D

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