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1928B $10 C star DGS $10 FRN

Here is one you wouldn't expect to be a rare note at all, yet is very rare !!

The 1928B C star DGS $10's were all printed in March of 1930, from C00192001* to C00240000* (48,000 notes).

Though 48,000 notes were printed in this run, it appears that no more than half of the run consisted of 1928B, with the balance 1928 and a small number of 1928A.

In fact, the 1928B C star LGS is far more common than the DGS. I have about eight recorded C star LGS, but only four DGS, and no trackable sales on Heritage, dating back to 2000 !!

A low end VF, but the best is a lone 35, and the other two are WORSE than this one !

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