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1934 E star LGS $10 FRN

The 1934 $10 E star LGS $10 had a total of 108,000 printed, with the next 12,000 notes up to 120,000 being transitional notes.

A total of eight runs were printed between January 21, 1935 and September 28, 1937. The largest run was run one, which consisted of 24,000 notes.

Surprisingly, only about six or seven notes are known to exist, with the finest being an unconfirmed VF30 !!

The note below could probably re-grade a 30 .

This note also replaced my old E star from run five, which was a 12,000 note run on December 07, 1936. With exception to run one, all the other runs were 12,000 notes.

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