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4 Cubs HOFers

This is a poster (about 2.3 feet?) framed in good glass. We would never sell this (family heirloom, personal connection) but any idea what this might sell for? Hard to see, but autographed by all 8 including 4 HOFers (Santo, Banks, Williams, Jenkins).


  • Very nice. Which of the 10 players pictures did not sign this?

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  • HBaumHBaum Posts: 42 ✭✭

    OOPS. Bad math. All 10 signed it. Good catch.

  • JBKJBK Posts: 14,224 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Not sure what "good glass" is but you need UV protection, which usually is plexiglass, but maybe it comes on glass now, too. It also needs to be kept away from sunlight and florescent lights (including the twisty bulbs).

    Some of the sigs look like they might have faded just a bit.

    No idea on value. It is a great piece, though. No doubt an uncommon promotional poster.

    Does it say at the bottom that the designated hitter was Jim Belushi?

  • HBaumHBaum Posts: 42 ✭✭

    Thank you JBK. Yes, it is behind UV glass now. It sat in basement for long time so yes a little faded. Yes, Jim Belushi was DH. This was from a fundraiser for juvenile diabetes research. Ron Santo was diabetic and very active in Chicago raising money for this cause, mostly via an annual walk-a-thon. My family member who organized this event got 2 posters fully autographed and my wife got one.

  • JBKJBK Posts: 14,224 ✭✭✭✭✭

    That's a great story.

    Value is very tough as it is almost a one of a kind item. Obviously the best market would be in Chicago. It would have to take an auction to determine true value.

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    i'd insure it for $500


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