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Why to hold gold, silver, lead and copper. (USD to be down 15%+)

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I came across this post and it's a good reality check for why precious metals are so important. I've put my comments after the image below.

"One thing for sure is that the dollar is losing value.

"I like to track the U.S. Dollar Index (a comparison of the value of the dollar to a basket of foreign currencies), and it has been declining since March 2020 when the Federal Reserve ramped up Quantitative Easing. Basically the Fed is injecting $120 billion of new currency into our economy EVERY MONTH. The Treasury is getting ready to inject another $1.1 trillion. Plus the $1.9 trillion stimulus that just passed. All of this made-up money makes each dollar you or I earn worth less.

"Large corporations are starting to view cash on their balance sheets as a liability rather than an asset; it's one of the main reasons Tesla just announced that they're adding $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin to their balance sheet. I'm predicting that we'll see Oracle announce a similar move sometime this year.

"If you have a lot of money in savings (or cash), consider an alternative until we put QE and massive stimulus spending behind us. The dollar is on track to lose 15% or more of its value this year."

I stacked copper and lead and suggest you do the same. 4m guns were sold in Jan 2021, 1m of which were in Illinois. Vista Outdoor stock is attractive and skyrocketing (they bought Remington, have record profits, and are opening an additional facility, stock is very undervalued).

It's next to impossible to get ammo online even if you use bots and it's getting worse. Casting bullets and paying the guy who learned how to reload is the only way many are making it to the range. The industry faces a brass shortage, cardboard shortage and primer shortage. We saw what the brass shortage did to our coins last year, so translate that to ammo, but factors worse.

It's been time to jump ship on USD. I'm buying more Bitcoin, Euro and Canadian, too, and I suggest you all do the same.

Tl;dr Buy gold.


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    If the US Dollar is expected to lose 15% of its value this year.... isn't that the same thing as 15% inflation?

    ----- kj
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