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New Millennium U.S. Stamp Album Pages (2020 Edition) (PDF Digital Stamp Album)

The "NEW MILLENNIUM UNITED STATES of AMERICA STAMP PAGES" DVD is a PDF eBook of over 750 high resolution pages that you can print yourself. Tired of trying to deal with a damaged page in your album? Just print it again! These pages are beautifully laid out to display your prized U.S. postage stamps in a very unique way. Every stamp is illustrated in full color (no blank boxes).The series are kept together where possible and there are over 100 optional pages for singles collectors and mini-sheet collectors. The pages are designed to be used with 8.5 X 11 sheet protectors and will work with any standard 3 ring binders. The pages are organized into 7 volumes: Volume I Regular Issues, Volume II Special Issues (Airmail, BOB, Christmas, Express & Priority and Official), Volume III Commemorative Issues 1893-1977, Volume IV Commemorative Issues 1974-1996, Volume V Commemorative Issues 1997-2005, Volume VI Commemorative Issues 2006-2017 and Volume VII 2018-2020.
Past this link if you're interested: https://gum.co/mTOgU


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